“If anyone on the verge of action should judge himself
according to the outcome, he would never begin.”
Søren Kierkegaard

YODAMA stands for Yoseph Daniel Maguire, taking the first two letters of my first middle and last name and combining them. There's nothing really more to it, but I kinda like how it looks.

I am a junior at Rice University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in Data Science. In 6th Grade my parents bought me a Radio Shack Sensorslab, sparking my curiosity toward the applications of technology. At that time, Snake II was the hottest game on anyone’s phone, and the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering was completely foreign to me. But my passion for knowledge drove me to what I am studying today, and I am continually fascinated by the potential of digital systems to revolutionize the world by changing the way we think, communicate, work, play, and ultimately live.

My background is international. I am Egyptian-American, and have lived, in order, in: Bangkok, Thailand; Balikpapan, Indonesia; Jakarta, Indoensia; Cairo, Egypt; Houston, Texas. In travelling I have learned to really value the variety of pespectives different cultures, religions, and peoples bring to the table.

In my free time I do research in the Scalable Health Lab at Rice, perform as a player in the Spontaneous Combustion Improv Comedy Group, and serve in Chi Alpha Christian Ministries. I also really like coffee, the history of social and political thought, and technology focused on time well spent.




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